Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Art sucks

Since we live in San Francisco we decided to get tattoos of anchors, buy fixed gear bikes, get lip piercings, wear old skool Vans and only drink Pabst. In our unique trend to find a way to be different we have all decided to take art to the next level by actually hating it. We think we're really on to something because art today is just so trendy that it forced us to express our developing artistic identity by actually hating it. At first it was cool to make a good painting and just strategically dump paint on it to make it look like we just dont care when we really do. This is a desperate world of art critics just like us and one day we decided that the easiest way to love art is to put the least amount of possible effort into it; creating a causually powerful image that celebrates our own awkward taste. If this doesn't make me famous I'm gonna start a punk band.

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