Thursday, October 13, 2005


I was checkin out some old school bmx stuff today and I thought these pics were cool.

12 feet to flat!? 1984? What this sequence doesn't show is picture number 6 where those white mags go splintering off in different dirrections. The cranks are at 3:00 and 7:00 so that probably saved his ankles from exploding but it doesn't help that he's going really slow and landing front tire first.

I dont think this went well because those bikes are such pieces of shit I'm amazed he even got it to go that high. This probably ended up with a caged pedal to the hip and a painfull over the handlebars rollout. Even worse, check out that seat; a blue spear waiting to stab someones leg. I thought this was pretty good for having no ramp until I saw the next picture.

I dont understand this photo. How could anybody do that? Especially on that heavy stone age bike. Dave Vanderspek is well above handlebar height and remember, these are old school bars, not like the newer trend of smaller ones. 1 peice cranks, foreward handlebars and a clicked table from nothing somewhere in Golden Gate park in the early 80's. Amazing.


Linda Johnson said...

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