Friday, October 21, 2005

By the marks where the nails have been.

This is the first public announcement of the newest challenge of the Banks residence. We are holding an initiation challenge for our friends including you; if you are up to our challenge. The name of the game is aquired consumption abilities. Here are the rules, please read/ponder carefully:

1. Each participant must fullheartedly atempt to consume one entire bottle of hard alcohol in a 12 hour period.
2. Each participant must participate in interviews to the best of their ability filmed by digital video.
3. Each participant must attempt to participate in the simple yet to be determined challenges requiring mental accuracy and physical stability.
4. No getting naked, crying, or jumping, out of our windows.
5. No playing with the dogs testicals.

Each person gets to decide what they want to drink. So far confirmed participants include Annalee(Jameson), Magilla Gorilla(Jagermister), Andy(unknown), Myles(unknown), and Toddy Bobberts(unknown). This challenge is called "The Top of the Bottom," and it is scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving at 731/733 Banks St. San Francisco 94110. Most activities will remain indoors but so far confirmed challenges include; catching the bus to the beach, walking up the steep hill, painting a painting, walking the dog (with no muzzle), calling 911, and orddering pizza. new ideas are constantly being accepted and created. More details including participant strategies will soon follow. please contact the house if you wish to join us for the Thanksgiving holiday and participate/referee THE TOP OF THE BOTTOM CHALLENGE.

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