Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Morning

This is our blog for the house. We will post pictures of any of the randomness that happens to be caught on camera or our memories that alcohol fails to destroy.


aimee said...

Miles I love the page. What a great idea, I feel like I've already been to your house. Well I look forward to partying with you more. I come down once a week for the most part. But Adam works a lot so we will have to meet up more. I plan to relocate to the bay mid may. I graduate may tenthish so sometime after that. I am partying in the castro for halloween, I am going to be a pirate it should kick ass. What are your plans. Oh we got to hit up a DeKoiz show soon too, I think you might like them, they are sort loud. Talk to you soon-

Anonymous said...

Garret says...this is awesome. It makes me feel like I am not having fun at all. I was cursed when I was born to be a conservative lil pansy bitch.
This winter break I want to get some people together and start writing some tv pilots...we have way too many creative friends not to. I love coming up with funny chit.