Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dropping Like Flys

Annalee's car got impounded and the fee to recover it was too great. Gil's Civic went sliding off the road in a non suprising axle failure and he left it there until someone towed it away. Rob sold his truck. And now the story of Andy's Toyota Tercel:

Near the Altamont pass the headed towards home from L.A. with an Enlishman in tow and Annalee at the wheel, she suddenly lost power and sputtered to a tired stop. The confused and upset team tried to revive the car, yielding no results.

There is never a problem with cars that hessians cant solve. The solution is always a result of the least expensive option, that normally coincides with the most dangerous.

So they rented another little car and tried to tow it about 50 miles non stop to San Francisco. The plan at the Bay Bridge was for the lead car to pay for the trailing Tercel. That plan only worked for a little while because the Tercel lost all power and the brakes started smoking heavily because of Andy's efforts to keep tension on the line while being towed. So the car was once again left on the side of the freeway.

Late that night it ended up in some shitty scrap yard and Andy had to pay a chunk of change just for some motorhead to drag it out to the sidewalk.

The only option then was to give it to another scrap yard in return for a small tax write off.

You did well little car. Now go join the others.

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