Saturday, November 12, 2005


In official news; Tara has responsibly resigned from THE TOP OF THE BOTTOM event. Officials agreed that her safety would be a problem. She will likely end up supervising the event with Jessica and don't even try to make a joke about it.

A strange conversation with Rob led me to believe that he will need more that just a "good shit" to complete this event. He is a little worried that this may be too much for him. He is trying to blame things like the wonderful way his liver has been feeling recently to justify lack of faith in himself. He thinks his liver has feelings and he feels it in his body actually feeling good. Thats why we have two livers dumbshit. Oh yeah, I have been practicing Photoshop a lot lately. Does it look like he's holding a bloody knife?

You know, this is not binge drinking. I know that two of us are college students and this is exactly the type of event that people die in all across the country, but let me tell you something. This type of drinking is nothing new to our house, all of us can complete the challenge because this is what we do already and with appropriate time provided, everyone will finish the event. THIS IS NOT A RACE! If you want to join the CHALLENGE, please notify the house as soon as possible. The challenge is still scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving.

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brotherben said...

I hope you weren't serious about having 2 livers. You have 2 kidneys but only one liver. Sorry to dissapoint.