Sunday, December 18, 2005

Chinatown and Piss in the streets

We went to Chinatown tonight to a bar that ended up being worthless. Anytime a person gives you advice about what bars to visit in this city, be careful what you believe. Most of the time people hear about spots and want to act cool so they just throw names out there and say things like, "Oh you have to check this place out!"
The actual good spots go unspoken and can be found with a little bit of time.

big cigarettes in little Chinatown

I think it says, "No fun-fuck off."

If I was 17, I would try to say that this is a great picture. Yah, it's just a Newport. get it! No way dude it's actually pot being smoked in a bar! Owwwww!

Are we cool??

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