Monday, January 26, 2009

Stolen Bike Success Story

Stuart built up a new complete bike last week. Looks pretty dialed. He's been riding every day until yesterday-

When one of these little fuckers stole it.

So words went out about a little kid riding around on a bike thats not his, and our good friend Chuck from the famous Metal video spotted him and gave him a Death Metal Scream,"GET OFF THE FUCKING BIKE!"

when he got it back it looked like this. Mile high seat, foreword hanlebars, pegs and breaks. . .blasphemy! Stay on your toes out there friends.


Stuart said...

Chuck and Julio are the most amazing people ever. Thank you to everyone that had eyes out. I feel really lucky and humbled by this chain of events.

Kevin said...

Kudos to Chuck! And congrats Stuart on getting your bike back. It's nice to know there are some people out in the world with hearts.

Robert said...

I am laughing my fucking ass off right now! First, I can't believe you got it back, let alone after itd been converted into a scraper bike! Soooo good!