Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Hip Hop

Eric found this rap on the sidewalk--

Niggas mad cause i got dreams I dont
have time for ya' wiggas cause ya'll wiggas is feens
when provoted i aim and pull out the beam
you might catch me with a group of niggas so i
got my boom team we real viscious we attaks
niggas like the lion king so ya better fall back
you might get shot in the back i got shit that
can make you have a heart attack I aint trippencause
niggas hatin mad sayin that i cant rap
if a nigga want drama i com and aim at your fam or
shout up where ya stay fuck wit me 6" feet under ground
is wher ya gonna lay its dis i rep in the bay i am telling
you dont want to get hit wit a tek or an A kay you
better tell people to stay out the way niggas know
i'm tryin to eat think i'm playin we will see
thay know not to fuck wit me and on the mic
if a nigga want beef (illegible) my word would chew a
nigga up in a battle like mengonen beef i got punchlines
for days cause i'm a sick MC cause you know you
cant rap that why ducking for cover nigga cause
you running from me

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