Friday, July 10, 2009

This Gem sat right in front of one of our field reporters today. This was not a particularly dangerous photography effort because this tail lacks the power which makes its relatives so dangerous, but heres the details of this fine specimen anyways;

The 8th Grade-Idiot String-This tail belongs to the String tail family and is created when the subjects mother shaves the sides of its head and allows the young male to "tie back," the remaining hair into a string tail to reveal the shaven sides. This is normally recognized as a display of pre-teen retarded sexuality, creating a way to attract the girls into touching the combination of short and long hair while enjoying a speculated boner in ones sweat pants. These tails are as juvenile as the "Rat Tail-String," and are understood to display slightly more aggression/confusion than the average 8th grade boy.

The Throbblehead lurks again.

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