Saturday, August 08, 2009

Straight out of Hell, one of a kind

On set with Jack Ruddy for the filming of a new documentary about pancreatic failure.

Just another day in the life of a Booger Eating Slut.

New ponytail reference-The Bulb Wip: The Bulb Wip is not a very rare specimen but our research team is devoted to minimizing the deviation within breed classification. Increasing the sample size is better for science. This tail is described on the Ponytail chart as having strategically placed bulbs within its mane in order to declare status amongst the other tails. Research shows that these tails are more aggressive than most other tails and suffer an affinity for spinner rims on cars and tough looking dogs. True to form, this tail was spotted at the local auto part store holding a carburetor and was observed glancing through a low rider truck magazine. Although the tail was interested, it did not purchase the literature. This behavior is not Ponytail exclusive.

Another tail spotting-The Lambchop String: Part of the stringtail family, this is a rather rare breed. This particular tail rarely maintains the observed mane. The tail is often in transition into becoming stronger within the pack. Rarely does the Lambchop String purposefully maintain this length. Current research indicates these tails have an attraction to Irish Punk music.

Whatever, fag.


A dog said...

Yo yo pancreasses are dope.

Anonymous said...

this is stupid. this is the last time i will ever read this weblog.

Anonymous 2 said...

not even a decent picture of a track bike, sucky weblog i am over your weblog, stupids