Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why waste time looking at the waist line? First I look at the purse

The Bad Beard is really good at climbing things

Willow, A.k.a The Jewish Candle, A.k.a. Nolips, A.k.a. Shirley Temple, A.k.a. Matt Green, has joined the quickly growing ranks of people who don't drink due to physical or social pressures. Spotted here at his signature liquor store enjoying a plastic bottle of Vodka. Willow thinks Rattlesnakes dig holes.

Continued Ponytail Research:

The Basic Braid Wip-Our ponytail research database is growing rapidly thanks to the daring work of our team. Reproducible results in behavior studies and mutually supporting evidence indicates this breeds description may pass the peer-review process and find itself in some kind of official document. I hesitate to post another picture of this well understood breed due to its overpopulation, yet this specimen is special because of its location during this picture. This member of the Tight Wip side of the tail family was spotted in the affluent city of Half Moon Bay on California's Western coast. In similar wealthy locations, many tails are blue-collar workers typically serving for the non tails. Difficult to make sense of, this tail sat near me in the pictured restaurant and was polite to his current heterosexual partner while dining. Past studies suggest the good behavior of this tail coincides with a recent prison release and/or a parole arrangement.

The Rat Tail String-This member of the Stringtail family is almost exclusively juvenile as supported in this photo. Although rare, The Rat Tail String has been spotted on real adults. More research needed. Fist Fights after class, ripped jeans broken glass, arcade rock and roll, free lunch after school. The Rat Tail String.

The basic Stringtail-this string was spotted in a fine restaurant with a women. The most common of the tail family most Strings are docile and kind creatures who are usually into art, jogging, and/or sports. The String Tail is known to carry a pocket knife at all times and be good at running very fast, yet mysteriously quietly. The String Tail is bound by one device(rubber band/scrunchy/etc.) for the remaining mane to fall freely with little or no modifying products.

Some shitty deer. I'm glad its dead.

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