Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tail Updates

The ever increasing wealth of knowledge accumulated by our research team is contributing exponentially towards the ultimate database regarding the male-ponytail. The data pool has reached a size now that allows cross examination and demonstrates predictable and sometimes reproducible trends. Todays specimens are special in their own ways.

The Double Threat Wip. This tail is obviously part of the Tight Wip side of the phylum. Reference indicates that this tail is mildly dangerous when compared to its brothers and can always outrank any tail from the String side of the family. The Double Threat Wip is known to be insecure about his masculinity and will mate with any willing women and pick a fight with her or another male directly afterwords.

another Double Threat Wip.

This picture was taken in Boston last year and is known as one of the most rare tails of all. The Photographer called it a Beaver Tail, but its proper name is The Dreaded Wip. This tail is created by neglecting hygeine, or can be the lone remainder of the subjects dread-locks. The rare nature of this specimen makes predicting social order a bit difficult, but we do recognize this tail as the kindest of the Tight Wip side of the tail family. As a Tight Wip, this tail outranks nearly every tail on the String side of the family.

Fun fact about the Braid Wip-If you were to sneak up on one of these tails and cut off the ponytail, the subject would suddenly lose balance and become extremely upset but incapable of maintaining its anger for more than seconds at a time.

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