Friday, December 04, 2009

HBC Slacking fan photo update

fan photos occur due to neglegent Horsebite updates. Good for comic relief or desperate photo scavenging?

My hair is still curly and my eyes are still blue, So why don't you love me like you used to do.

Somebody knows something about this

This shit bag was running from a cupcake into a crowd of dicklickers for reasons unknown. thanks to The Dollhouse for the photo.

Longtime Horsebite Cafe friend Willow sent in a picture of himself vacationing in the Caribbean last week.


bork hams said...

you said dicklickers. thats funny to me

celina said...

dicklickers is good. miles I LOVE THAT SONG!

old oat holton said...

celina is that you

celina said...

ummmmm no! i am a lady and ladies dont pee on the side of mervyns

Brie said...

dicklickers and cupcakes fuckin rule your face off.

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