Friday, February 19, 2010

More Ponytail Ranting

Fashion goes in cycles. Jesus had a reluctant mullet, a haircut which experiences resurging popularity through time. Our research team theorizes that the male ponytail, with its humble utilitarian origins, has managed to bypass an otherwise traceable lineage.

Seen here is a good example of the Double Threat Wip Ponytail. This breed is unaware of his awkward femenine tendancies and will attempt to compensate by having no standards of selection for sexual partners. These tails are also very prone to fighting, especially over women and/or efforts to preserve integrity.

(figure 2)

The classic Bulb Wip Ponytail. these ones enjoy cars with aftermarket rims and have superficial values.

The Basic String Tail is the most common of all tails. They are known to be good artists, to generally wear running shoes, and consequently have the ability to run very fast and quietly.

Pictured here is the Sports String Tail. This is just a variation of the above pictured tail in a more athletic arrangement. These enjoy playing Pickle Ball and commonly lose their temper during ping pong games. In this formation, the Sports String Tail is more likely to cheat during sporting events.

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