Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cycle tour is over

The lapse in activity on this site was due to a bike tour a couple of us took this summer.

We rode from Los Angeles to Seattle over 6 weeks

Cannondale generously supplied the bikes. They worked flawlessly

We camped under Highway 1 in the shadow of Hearst Castle.

Milked some cows

Got some local press

mashed up blackberrys and a little yeast makes hobo wine.

Blackberry bike bum wine.


buttshitter said...

Yea! Epic! YeA! H-bite back in action!

weebs said...

Fuck yeah. Awesome post..

Anonymous said...
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puzzchugger said...

so, you could totally start blogging again. is banks that eventless these days?

Mystic Friendsy said...

very handsome men. way to go!