Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Ponytail Study

Spotted on San Francisco's Embarcaderro, two subjects emerge. These Ponytails are from separate sides of the kingdom, posing an interesting example of social hierarchy amongst ponytails. The Subject on the right is a Basic String Tail; the garden variety of the tail family. They are most famous for their ability to run very fast and quietly while favoring running shoes as common attire. Reoccurring samples suggest this tail has untied his mane in order to appear a friendlier suitor to the female he has in a death-grip. Reinforcing this observation is the subject on the left; who decided to properly display his Tail; known as a Braid Wip. He is likely to be uncomfortable with the chosen wheels on this petty cab. This breed is usually drawn towards shiny wheels on vehicles and undoubtedly owns a pit bull without ears or a tail.

This Ponytail is inconsistent with the Ponytail social experiment. He is clearly sporting a Braid Wip, but is confusingly taking a picture. String Tails are more likely drawn towards these arts and we find an inconsistency. This breed is more commonly sighted using a mobile phone as a camera. A deviation clearly exists in Ponytail behavior.

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